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Awesome ferrofluid art

This thing looks totally bizarre, but really cool. Just what we like here on Random Weirdness. :) Somehow makes you think you're watching an alien life form, but no, this is real. It uses powerful electromagnets in a bath of magnetic liquid to make these dancing spirals.

Crazy ball machine

Somebody had too much time on their hands. :)

A crazy big factory sized machine that processes balls in various ways, meaning they go all over the place and weird things are done to them.  The whole thing is repeatable and keeps going forever.
Crazy ball machine

I wonder how much time was spent to figure it all out and make this! The cool thing is: it is tileable. Click on the link to see the crazy ball machine in full screen glory .

Ode to a spell checker

Eye have a spelling chequer,
It came with my Pea Sea.
It plainly marques for my revue,
Miss steaks aye can knot sea.

Eye strike a quay and type a whirred
And weight four it two say,
Weather eye am wrong oar write,
It shows me strait a weigh.

As soon as the missed ache is maid,
It nose before two long,
And aye can put the error rite
Its rare lea ever wrong.

Eye have run this poem threw it,
I am sure your pleased to no,
Its letter perfect awl the weigh,
My chequer tolled me sew.

You can find the story behind this poem and the original at the spell checker poem .

Simon's Cat

Some YouTube gems. Just awesome how the artist managed to reproduce the behavior and movements of a cat in such a recognizable way! I am sure every cat owner will crack up watching these. :)

Simon's Cat in 'Cat Man Do'

Simon's Cat in 'Let Me In!'

There are more of them on the Simon's Cat channel on YouTube !

Pimped car

What if you want to pimp your car, but you don't have enough money to do it? No problem! All you need is some cardboard, tin foil, tape and enough imagination! :)

The picture shows a Mercedes with cardboard and tin foil mods taped on.
Cardboard pimped car

Lego aircraft carrier

No, this is not a scene from the Persian Gulf. This aircraft carrier is a work of art by Harry S. Truman that is built entirely from Legos! This beast weighs 350 lbs (about 160 kg) and took about 200,000 bricks to build. The detail of this model is absolutely astonishing!

A huge aircraft carrier build entirely from Legos in astonishing detail.
Lego aircraft carrier

A huge aircraft carrier build entirely from Legos in astonishing detail.
Lego aircraft carrier detail

Click this link for more pictures of the Lego aircraft carrier .

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