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Smart saw

Pros: Does an excellent job cutting wood.
Cons: Will not slice your Wiener. :)

SawStop finger saver

Mr. Veggie Head

Looks like a normal painting of a vegetable bowl at first sight. But when you turn it upside down, you might see more than just veggies!

The painting shows a bowl with vegetables, but when you turn it over you can see a face in it!
Painting: "L'homme-potager" (1750)

Want your drink cold?

This may have happened to you: you want your drink cold, FAST. So you put it in the freezer, only to forget it there. Usually, the result is a mess of sticky goo that you need to clean out. This time though, I was in for a pleasant surprise: no mess, and a quite interesting can to put here on the website!

The top surface of the can is folded out instead of folded in.
Frozen cans usually aren't this much fun!

I wonder what the chances of this happening are. I would guess pretty slim. So I suggest you don't try this at home, unless you like sticky messes. :-)

Soda or pop?

While writing the previous entry I ended up wondering if I should use the word soda can, or pop can. In the end I avoided the issue alltogether, but in the process I stumbled upon this interesting website that attempts to do a scientific study on this important issue.

So in the name of science, head over to the Pop vs. Soda page and provide your data!

Need a companion?

This horse would be better company than some people! ;-)

Patches, the coolest horse

Thirsty bird

If you're in the market for a silly little gadget, take a look at this guy.

Put a glass of water in front of him, and he will keep drinking as long as he can reach the water in the glass. Fluid inside condenses from the evaporative cooling of the water off the bird's beak, making it top heavy and dunking it back into the water. The condensate rejoins the liquid pool in the bird's bulb, and he tips up again.

Silly innocent fun for your little ones to watch, or to satisfy your own inner child. :-)

Buy from Amazon

If you want to learn more about how this works, you can find detailed info on Wikipedia.

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