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What you see is NOT what you get

I've been waiting for someone to do a comparison like this.

The picture shows the big, juicy and tasty looking ad for a whopper next to the flat, gooey, sad reality.
The ad whopper versus the sad whopper

There are many more images comparing fast food ads with their real counterparts where I found this one. Be sure to check them out!

Thirsty bird

If you're in the market for a silly little gadget, take a look at this guy.

Put a glass of water in front of him, and he will keep drinking as long as he can reach the water in the glass. Fluid inside condenses from the evaporative cooling of the water off the bird's beak, making it top heavy and dunking it back into the water. The condensate rejoins the liquid pool in the bird's bulb, and he tips up again.

Silly innocent fun for your little ones to watch, or to satisfy your own inner child. :-)

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If you want to learn more about how this works, you can find detailed info on Wikipedia.

Really weird clouds

Sometimes reality is weirder than fiction. This is one of those cases.
If a painter would ever paint clouds this weird, everyone would think he had lost his mind or wonder what he had been drinking... and how much. Yet here they are, for real.

The picture shows a perfectly straight and uniform roll cloud which looks like a straight pipe in the sky stretching to the horizon.
Who put that big pipe in the sky?

The picture shows clouds over a cityscape that look like whipped cream was smeared across the sky.
Who has been smearing whipped cream in the sky?

The picture shows a cloud cover with bulges hanging out as if big drops of cloud are about to ooze out.
The clouds are oozing down!

Here is the awesome collection of weird clouds where I found these, there are many more there! Worth seeing!

Poor moose

How do you get a moose 50 feet in the air by accident?

Pogo Moose Incident - Fairbanks, Alaska

"They were laying new power cables. They were strung on the ground for miles. The moose are rutting right now and very agitated. He was thrashing around and got his antlers stuck. When the men (miles away) pull the lines up with their big equipment, he went too."

Moose dangling from power lines by its antlers.
Pogo Moose Incident - Fairbanks, Alaska

The complete story can be found on Snopes.com: Moose hanging from power cables .

Material value of Olympic medals

So you see one of the athletes at the Olympic games hold a huge gold medal and you think: "That thing must be priceless", right? Wrong! The gold medals aren't solid gold, but are made mostly of silver and copper, and contain only 6 grams of gold. The value if you'd melt one down? About $600. The silver medal is pretty much the same thing as the gold medal, except that it misses the 6 grams of gold. It has a value of about $300. The bronze medal is pretty much worthless when it comes to its material value. It is made of copper, tin and zinc and is worth about $5. It is pretty much a very large penny.
So there you go. I doubt that any of the athletes will be tempted to melt their medals down, since what they represent is much more valuable than their material value.

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