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Signs that you have a small child

  • You are not uncomfortable with sniffing a butt in public.
  • You feel like you are forgetting something if you can easily walk out the door.
  • The safety and security procedures in your home have to be stricter than those of the TSA.
  • You do not think it unusual to find salami in your recliner, CD's in your tub, rocks in the dryer vent, and Tupperware in the toilet.
  • You think a paper towel tube is a musical instrument.
  • You always carry a bag of Cheerios in your purse.
  • The possessions you are most afraid to lose are small, plastic, drooled on, and cost less than 3 bucks.
  • You find yourself humming "Pop Goes the Weasel" during dull moments at work.
  • You no longer need to buy sticky notes, because regular paper sticks anywhere you put it anyway.
  • There is absolutely no reason to purchase a burglar alarm for your home because anyone attempting to walk through your house in the dark will set off numerous noisy toys and will inevitably howl in pain when they encounter the Duplo's.

What you see is NOT what you get

I've been waiting for someone to do a comparison like this.

The picture shows the big, juicy and tasty looking ad for a whopper next to the flat, gooey, sad reality.
The ad whopper versus the sad whopper

There are many more images comparing fast food ads with their real counterparts where I found this one. Be sure to check them out!

Crazy ball machine

Somebody had too much time on their hands. :)

A crazy big factory sized machine that processes balls in various ways, meaning they go all over the place and weird things are done to them.  The whole thing is repeatable and keeps going forever.
Crazy ball machine

I wonder how much time was spent to figure it all out and make this! The cool thing is: it is tileable. Click on the link to see the crazy ball machine in full screen glory .

Footprint of bigfoot spotted

Photo shows an aerial view of an enormous footprint on the beach, about the size of 11 football fields.
Bigfoot on the beach?

This enormous footprint on the beach, about 11 football fields in size, is not a footprint of a mythical creature after all. Instead, it might be the footprint of you or me or any person in the developed world for that matter. It was plowed on the beach in Zeebrugge (Belgium) to give people an idea of their "ecological footprint". This is a representation of the earth surface needed per year for a person to eat, drink, warm their house, drive their car, dump their trash, etc. More info on this subject can be found on Wikipedia.

Whether this is an accurate estimate of our effect on the planet continues to be a matter of debate, but nobody can claim this publicity stunt didn't provide a neat picture. :)

Marvin, the depressed web server

I usually don't intentionally put broken links here to send people to "404" error pages, but that is exactly what I'm doing now. But this is not your standard boring 404 page. This will be especially funny to people familiar with the hilarious Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. (If you're not, better go do something about this glaring deficiency in your culture! :))

So, without further ado, I am sending you to a file that doesn't exist on a web server named Marvin .

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